Integrative Acupressure

INTEGRATIVE ACUPRESSURE is a healing practice guided by the Five Element theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine and draws upon the fundamentals of anatomy and physiology, physical therapy and therapeutic massage to promote healing on a physical, psychological and spiritual level. A session, in which you remain fully clothed, may include integrated use of the following modalities:

ENERGETIC BALANCING: Stimulation with fingertip pressure, of “acupoints” that lie on the body’s meridians (pathways of energy) to bring about balance between the potential and kinetic energy in the body. This helps to create a healthy flow of energy and proper function of the internal organs.

STRUCTURAL BALANCING: The entire body is supported not only by its skeletal structure but also by the other soft tissues that make it up (muscles, fascia, etc.). By releasing blocks in these areas that are holding tension, freedom and balance is brought to the structure as a whole. Only gentle manipulation is needed and used with this technique.

THAI YOGA BODYWORK: Thai Yoga Bodywork is a system of bodywork and assisted stretching developed in Thailand and influenced by the traditional medicine systems of India, China, & Southeast Asia. No oils are used in Thai Bodywork. The receiver is positioned in a variety of yoga-like positions during the session and deep static and rhythmic pressures form the core of the work.

REFLEXOLOGY is a form of foot “massage” that is based on Eunice Ingham’s system, which views our feet as precise maps or a mirror image of our whole bodies. I employ reflexology to help diagnose and release energy blocks. It is a complete treatment in itself or integrated with a session.

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